Travelling to Snowdonia & Wales

We can never stay still for long.

Just a matter of weeks after returning from Scotland we were setting off on another adventure, this time the drive time was a much less daunting 2.5 hours, a distance easily covered in one trip, not that I doing any of the driving of course!

After our trip from Scotland, I’d found myself pining for the mountains once more. Back in the States we simply didn’t live near anything that would come even close to that kind of majestic beauty. I saw those jagged, snow-tipped peaks in my dreams and the memory of that quaint port town, Oban, brought a smile to my face for a week later. Michael and I still hadn’t quite got around to understanding how big the country we were in was, and we were certainly no closer to recognising the myriad of adorable villages and ‘hamlets’ that were scattered in our immediate vicinity, let alone the settlements further ahead.

I spent two evenings curled up on the sofa watching documentaries about Wales, whilst Michael lightly snoozed in his chair, an empty glass of whisky precariously balanced on his belly (which seemed to be growing larger every day!). By the third evening, I’d moved out of the fantasising stage and into the ‘purchase’ stage, an infinitely enjoyable part of the process for me, but a much more perilous one for our bank balance, despite drinking his usual snifter, Michael was a lot more cogent that evening, perhaps because he sensed that a rash purchase was about to be made…

One of the convenient things about travelling around the UK in the Winter is that prices at most hotels, B&Bs and holiday cottages are much lower than they are at other points during the year, so we were able to book rooms at some fancy prices at a reduced cost, which I’m sure Michael was happy with.

You know, what they say about old folks is true: we get up very, very early. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly this happened, I remember enjoying lie ins as a teenager, and later in life the allure of my bed was even stronger, when just one more hour in bed before the kids got up meant everything. How things change, is all I can say! These days Michael and I are up before 6am every day. It doesn’t matter how much or little sleep we’ve had, whether we’ve been travelling or hiking all day, we’ll both be up for the crack of dawn and chomping at the bit for our toast!

As far as I can see there are very few disadvantages to doing this. During the Winter you can enjoy every last drop of sunshine, you can make the most of ‘early bird’ breakfast menus and, best of all, miss all of the traffic on the roads – which is exactly what we did on or drive across the country to Wales.

By seven in the morning we were on the road and on our way, but half 9 we were driving through North Wales and looking forward to a cup of coffee in a very special holiday cottage that we’d rented for the week…