Exploring Oban & The Distillery

I can tell you right now that it took a heck of a lot of effort for Angie and I to leave the comfort of our hideaway at Highland Heather Lodges.

The combination of the lovely hot tub, underfloor heating and comfortable chairs was already too much for us, so it wasn’t until nearly twelve-noon that we managed to escape the comfort of our newly adopted home and get ourselves back on the road. If there’s one thing to say about Scotland it’s that the roads are stunning and I don’t just mean the views: the roads themselves are a thing of real beauty.

I could never say that I was a typical ‘gas guzzler’ back in the States, but I was certainly susceptible to the allure of the open road and would quite happily take my kids on long drive across the State to water parks or concerts, just so that I could get out on the open road. I’ve never been one for religion or ‘spiritualism’, but I often find myself pining for that open road and the strange sense of peace that it would bring me late on a Sunday night, the sound of my kids gently snoring in the back seat and the low murmur of country music radio buzzing in and out of signal. Thanks to our rather ambitious itinerary, I found myself back in a similar state of mind driving Angie through Scotland.

Since developing a taste for Scotch whisky some years ago, I now find myself inexorably drawn to any kind of distiller or tour that I can take, it’s a good thing that Angie take an interest in it too! I’d heard that there was a wonderfully informative tour at a distillery in Oban, so I planned our route out and set the GPS for the port town. We left in the early afternoon from Highland Heather Lodges and spent the next two hours driving through the Trossacks until we reached the west coast. Although we’d initially planned to stay in the Highlands, I was instantly glad we’d gone back on our word. As Angie and I stepped out of the car we were greeted by the hustle and bustle of a thriving town, full of life and that all important Scottish charm.

Our Distillery Tour was the first stop and I was very glad that we booked it, I’d not tried Oban Whisky before, but the tour did a fantastic job of selling the stuff to me. I was enchanted by the whisky’s unique history, its promise of a taste of the sea and the small batches in which it was made. By the end of the tour I’d bought two bottles and was eagerly waiting for the chance to try some for myself. Unfortunately, there was still a two hour drive back to Crieff to contend wit though and I feared that just a sip of this whisky would probably put me to sleep. We had one last coffee in a small cafe overlooking the water and then got back on the road, where Angie promptly fell asleep.