Driving To Scotland: Highland Heather Lodges

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Michael and I were excited for our first trip to Scotland…

After spending the first few months of our lives in the UK trying to get our bearings and making a home for ourselves in Castleton, we both decided that it was high time we took a drive up to Scotland and experience the famous Highlands. Michael has always had a particular affinity with Scottish culture; he loves drinking Scotch whiskey, golf is his favourite sport and he’s fascinated by this unique country’s history. After he’s had a few Scotches he’s also quite partial to listening to traditional Scottish folk music, so I think he had a few more expectations than I did.

Our plan was simple: we would take our time and spend a whole day travelling the 280 miles to the Highlands, stopping off along the way whenever we fancy and making sure to take plenty of coffee pitstops. You might be able to take the Americans out of the States, but it can be very tricky to take the States out of the Americans; Michael and I love nothing more than taking a leisurely drive into the countryside, punctuated with plenty of stops for tea, cakes and coffee. We’re always told by our new English friends that our American food is so unhealthy, but I swear we’ve been putting on a lot of weight since we settled here in the UK!

The drive was simple enough and took us up through the North West of England, an area that neither of us have explore. After a day of relaxed driving, highlighted by some breathtaking scenery through the Lake District, we found ourselves crossing the border. As soon as we passed the ‘Welcome to Scotland’ sign, Michael and I did a little whoop and started ‘peeling our eyes’ for kilts and Highland cattle. Of course, we had to wait a while before we could even tell that we were in a different country! The landscape changed imperceptibly, at the same rate that sun was setting, in fact, so by the time we arrived at Highland Heater Lodges we knew that we were deep into the Highlands, but could not see them at all!

There can’t be too many private holiday lodges in Perthshire with hot tubs, this was the main reason why we chose Highland Heather Lodges. They only have four holiday properties on the site, each of which offers a slightly different style of holiday lodge. There are two bedroom lodges for families looking to relax together, or cosy one bedroom lodges, idea for couples like us who are just looking for somewhere to stretch out after a day of hiking and exploring. Our lodge was called Ruchill and made for the perfect base for us to travel out from. We didn’t hop in the hot tub that night, preferring instead to get a good night’s sleep.

When we woke up, we were truly surprised to see such beautiful scenery all around us. Although it was only 9am, we couldn’t resist hopping the hot tub – what a perfect way to start a holiday!