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We’re Angie and Michael Faversham, a retired couple from New Hampshire, USA. In 2018 we fulfilled our lifelong dream of moving to the UK and we’re just so thrilled to be here! We’re the proud parents of four kids who are now all grown up and have no need for us anymore (thank the Lord!), so we’ve sold our family home back in Manchester and have taken the plunge in the turbulent British property market?

You’re probably wondering what inspired us to make this huge move – well it’s quite simple really. As long as we can remember, we’ve been obsessed with British culture, whether it’s through television shows like Pride & Prejudice and Downton Abbey, or the books of Emily Bronte or Jane Austen. The beautiful landscapes depicted in these shows and books were the main draw for us wanting to leave the States, but it wasn’t until we enjoyed our first holiday there that we knew we had to make the UK our home.

In 2006 we visited the UK for the first time. Although our friends urged us to visit London, we had both agreed on heading into the countryside for our first time in the country and Caldertop Cottage in Calder Vale was our home for a week. We’d not stayed in a holiday cottage before but that, but that week was one that opened up our mind to a new kind of holiday experience as well as being a wonderful introduction to the beauty and peace that the UK had to offer.

We’ve named our blog after that first experience and are planning on filling it with all the trips that we’re planning on making whilst we enjoy our retirement here. We hope you enjoy it!